Impact Of Mobile Computing

Posted on: 25/03/2014

Type Mobile Computing
• Laptops are portable computers , small and can be carried anywhere very easily integrated in a casing . Weight laptops range from 1 to 6 pounds depending on size , materials and specifications . The power source comes from batteries or A / C adapter which can be used to recharge the battery and to power the laptop itself . Usefulness same laptop with a desktop computer , which distinguishes only the size making it easier for users to carry it around .
• Wearable Computer or computer that is applied in the human body . An example is Computer Glacier Ridgeline W200 . W200 is made from reinforced magnesium alloy which maximizes strength and minimizes overall weight . At only 10.2 ounces and was formed in the arm contour , W200 combines the same features of a standard computer with a device that provides comfort and ergonomic wrist worn instrument . The W200 has a 3.5 “color display with touch screen , backlit keyboard and a hot swappable battery . Wireless function of W200 ensure continuous connectivity regardless of the user’s location with plug and play Wi – Fi , Bluetooth and GPS modules . Using Windows CE or Linux operating systems , the unit can be quickly configured to access the remote host system through integrated wired or wireless interfaces . Hands – free operation of the W200 that overcomes the physical limitations associated with normal hand-held computer . This allows the user complete freedom to continue their daily activities with both hands while using the computer has full access at all times . In addition to the electronic compass , the system also integrates the latest and most innovative features , such as tilt and silent reckoning , which allows critical battery savings when the unit is not in use . Hands – free usability of the W200 makes it of special interest for Emergency Services , Security , Defense , Warehouse , Field Logistics and any area where access to a large amount of information required . W200 ridge line of the glacier when it joins rugged computers developed for data collection .
• PDAs ( Personal Digital Assistants ) is an electronic device and a computer -based small form and can be taken anywhere . According to my knowledge PDAs are widely used as a personal organizer at first , but because of its development , then multiply its utility function , such as a calculator , clock and timing pointer , computer games , internet users , receiving and sending electronic mail ( e – mail ) , radio receiver , video recorder , and a memo recorder . Apart from it with a PDA ( pocket computer ) , we can use the address book and store addresses , e-book reading , using GPS and many other functions . Even more sophisticated version of the PDA can be used as a mobile phone , Internet access , intranets , or extranets via Wi – Fi or Wireless Network . One of the typical PDA is the ultimate touch screen facility


• SmartPhone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities , its ability to resemble capabilities virtually the PC ( computer ) . Generally, a mobile phone as a smartphone when it is said to be running on the operating system software that is complete and has a standard interface and platform for application developers . While some say that a smartphone is a simple mobile phone with advanced features such as the ability to send and receive emails , surf the Internet and read e -books , built -in full keyboard or external USB keyboard , or has a VGA connector . In other words , the smartphone is a miniature computer with phone capabilities .

4 . Tool for Mobile Computing
– GPS ( Global Positioning System )
– Wireless ( Acess )
– GIS ( Location )

Excess and deficiency
Advantages of Mobile Computing
– Application wide
– Moving / berpidah freely locations
– Non- switch networks

Disadvantages of Mobile Computing
lack of Bandwidth
Internet access in peralatanini slow when compared to wired access , but with the use of technology GPRS , EDGE and 3G networks , high -speed Wireless LAN is not too expensive but has a limited bandwidth .
power consumption
Mobile computing is highly dependent on battery life .
Transmission disorders
Distance to the transmitter signal and weather affect transimis data on mobile computing .
Potential Occurrence of Accidents
Some accidents are often caused by akhir2 motorists who use mobile computing devices while driving .

Usefulness And Other Issues
As the use of mobile Internet using mobile internet sites , the ability of the site to be able to use (usability ) is important to attract and retain the attention of ” user stickiness ” ( the degree to which the user remain our site ) . There are three dimensions of usability , ie effectiveness , efficiency and satisfaction . However, users often find today’s mobile devices are not effective , especially because of restrictions pocket-sized keyboard and services , thus reducing its usefulness . Moreover, due to the limited storage capacity and speed of access to information than most smartphones and PDAs , as difficult or impossible to download large files from the per Alatan this kind . Technical limitations and other restrictions that slow the spread of m – commerce .
Failure In Mobile Computing and M – Commerce
Same with other technologies , especially new ones , there are many failures of the application and of the whole company in the mobile computing and m – commerce . It is important to anticipate and plan for the possibility of failure and learning from failure . Case Northaest Utilities beberikan some important insights .
The existence Impact of Modern Computing
The impact of modern computing is that it can help people to solve complex problems using computers . One example is a biometric . Biometric derived from the Bio and Metric . The word bio is taken from the ancient Greek language which means life , while Metric is also derived from the ancient Greek language , which means the size , so if concluded biometric means of life measurements .
But an outline of a biometric measurement of the statistical analysis of biological data that refers to the technology to analyze the characteristics of a body ( people) . From these explanations it is clear that describe Biometric detection and classification of physical attributes . There are many different biometric techniques , including :
• Reading of fingerprints / palm
• Hand geometry
• Reading of the retina / iris
• Voice recognition
• The dynamics of signatures .
And according to Don Tapscott (1995 ) in his book entitled ” The Digital Economy : Promise and Peril In The Age of Networked Intelligence ” illustrates how the impact of computing technology on human life . Application technology is less than perfect without the support of intelligent machines capable analytic . The presence of increasingly sophisticated computing technology has changed human lifestyle and the demands on human competence . Now human life increasingly dependent on computers . Here are the things that describe the concept of computational intelligence technologies are supported by the application .
1 . Product -driven computer system
a. Smart car ( car smart )
b . Smart card ( smart card )
c . Smart house ( smart home )
d . Smart road ( street smart )
2 . The design of the product is managed by a computer
3 . The process is driven by a computer work
4 . Computers became an effective means of communication
5 . Computer as an information center
In addition to the structural impact on human livelihoods , technology also evokes cultural processes in society diterpanya . It is a symptom that by N. Postman called technopoly , which is described by him as follows :
” Technopoly is a state of culture . It is also a state of mind . It Consist in the deification of technology , the which means that the culture seeks it’s satisfactions in technology , and takes it’s orders from technology “
Thus , what matters is the extent to which a society ready to enter an age characterized by the supremacy of the power plant technology as a new culture without cause risk resilience own culture . Thus , it is not wrong to state that also technological dominance will continue with the blossoming of a new culture that gave birth to various new value also tends to be the benchmark of modern human behavior in a variety of patterns of interaction with others .
Trends in Mobile Computing
Mobile devices have a radical impact on the different routines of individuals from the modern era . The introduction of the phone itself to change the communication pattern in previous years and the technology continues to evolve , now leave marks on other parts as well . Mobile computing not only provides the basic functions of communication , but to help other users in performing everyday tasks such as arranging tasks , social sharing , taking pictures and other computing tasks .

Data capability , with the introduction of wireless networks , mobile devices are also provided in advanced . Mobile technology also adds a new variation and improvisation in order to improve the overall user experience of mobile . Some of the new trends that have been introduced in mobile computing , in recent years are :

    Smart -phone Computing: The third-party application development for various smartphone platforms such as iOS , Android , Windows mobile , etc. have improved graphics innovation and functionality in this application . Different concepts such as BYOD and mobility companies have introduced the use of smart-phone applications as enterprise application to different domains of industry .

    Security on mobile phones : With mobile phones becoming smarter every day , the data handling capabilities become an integral part of mobile computing . The device is also connected to the network at any time , so the need to secure data stored also appeared . Because the mobile security becomes an important component of mobile computing , because the purpose of the communication device has been developed from voice to data.

    Wireless Networking : different network technologies such as 4G and WiMAX are also introduced recently which raised computational tasks of data from devices and provide high speed accessibility of data from these devices . This is helpful for users who require large amounts of data transfer from their handheld devices .

    M – commerce : Online trading activities has become a common activity for the user , for the shopping experience a laxative . With the growing practice of mobile computing , users can now perform the same tasks using their hand-held mobile phone or tablet device that is . Different security parameters are taken care of in the event, which involves the processing of financial information . Unlike the mobile payment application has also been introduced to cement a strong foundation of m – commerce activity .

Another location -based mobile application service which uses a special system called the Global Positioning System , or GPS , which was introduced which allows users to gain access to the information from the various locations of their device .

Different maps like Google maps facility allows users to get turn-by – turn navigation from their source of travel to their destination address . Different camera apps also introduced the use of GPSs with Geo-tagging feature so that users can customize the map view them according to their needs .


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